The application to be the Other is now open.

The ‘Other’ refers to the person whose life Mark will be experiencing for the 28-day period. As the Other you will be required to wear a pair of glasses installed with a 180-degree field of view camera that will covertly capture audio and video footage constantly, from when you wake up, to when you go to sleep. The footage will consequently range from the most intimate and emotional parts of your life, to the most mundane and boring, all of which will be subsequently watched back by Mark.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Mark has had no prior relationship with you.
  • You are a heterosexual male, who is in a relationship.
  • You must currently be living with your partner.
  • Your partner must agree to you fulfilling this role.
  • You are not permitted to make anyone else (except for your partner) aware that you are the Other.
Things to consider if you are thinking of applying:
  • If you are comfortable with the intrusion involved in the filming of every minute of your waking life.
  • If you are comfortable with other people seeing footage of your life.
  • You will be assigned a psychologist for a small period of time both before the 28 days, to ensure you are up to the task, and after.
  • Are you comfortable with elements of your life, along with interviews, being in the feature length documentary?
  • Stage one: answering given questions, plus two 1 minute video recordings, one telling us why you are an appropriate candidate, the other of your partner telling us about you.
  • Stage two: initially successful candidates will then participate in an interview via Skype.
  • Stage three: an interview in person, with you and your partner.
  • Stage four: a 24 hour test run and review.
  • Stage five: final interview.

The Other will be selected by Mark’s Psychologist, a Neuroscientist, Curator Nimrod Vardi, Film Director John Ingle and a close friend of Mark’s.

Please record yourself for 1 minute telling us why should you be the Other. Once completed, watch the video back, click 'Accept' and answer the questions below.